Best Gadgets For Car in India

There are a lot of gadgets available for cars in India. These range from a dash cam to Bluetooth key tracker to seat-back organizers. The best gadgets for your car are a must-have. Regardless of your budget, you can find a variety of accessories for your car and make your life easier.

Dash Cam

A dash cam is a gadget that records your every drive. This video evidence can be useful if you are ever involved in an accident. It can also be used to document road rage incidents. The dash cam can be streamed to your phone so that you can see what happened, in real-time.

One of the best features of a dash cam is that it can live-stream the footage straight to your mobile phone. This feature can help you identify dangerous drivers or gangsters. You can also use dash cam footage to improve your driving skills and avoid close calls.

Bluetooth tracker for car keys

A Bluetooth tracker for car keys can help you locate a lost or stolen key or other item. These gadgets use Bluetooth technology to transmit a high-pitched tone when the item is near or in sight. This allows you to locate your lost item even if you are not in the same room.

Bluetooth trackers can be placed anywhere, and they work in conjunction with your smartphone, making them extremely convenient for key-finding. To use them, you need a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet. Then, download the LYNK app and connect it to your car keys and your phone. You can then tag your keys with the tracker, and when you need to find your keys, simply ring the Bluetooth tracker from your mobile phone.

Cordless tyre inflator

The cordless tyre inflator is a very useful accessory to have in your car. Apart from being small in size, they are highly efficient and offer stupendous precision. However, before you buy one for your car, make sure to look at the features, performance, accuracy, power compatibility, and price.

This cordless tyre inflator is compatible with 12V power sockets. The unit features a backlit display, 3-in-1 LED indicators, and pressure set buttons. Moreover, it also has an auto shut-off feature and supports pressures of up to 300ps.

Seat-back organizers

Seat-back organizers are a good way to keep your car clean and hygienic. They come with a variety of compartments, including a multipurpose pocket for your phone, keys, or feeding bottles. Many models also have a large, clear window to fit your tablet or smartphone. This device also protects the back of your seat from damage.

A great seat-back organizer is essential for those who need to travel often. The AllExtreme Universal Leather Auto Seat Back Organizer comes with two storage compartments – one for your mobile phone and one for your purse – and folds over to accommodate a beverage bottle or tissues. It’s also highly portable and easy to install. It can be adjusted to fit most car seats. Its lightweight, durable design makes it easy to install and easy to transport.

Mini trash bins

Mini trash bins are great to use when traveling in the car. They fit into the cup holders of the vehicle and are great for storing small garbage. They also help keep the interior of the car hygienic. Some of them even come with mini snow tracks to help the car get out of snowy terrains. In addition, they can serve as shovels on sandy tracks.

Most car owners will appreciate the convenience and functionality of a mini trash bin. They are made from high-quality plastic to ensure maximum strength, durability, and longevity. They come with a removable plastic cover, and are universally sized so they fit into most vehicles. They are also compact, so they don’t take up valuable legroom in the car.

Air purifiers

When you are in the market for air purifiers for your car, you need to look for models that have HEPA filtration technology. This type of filtration system is able to remove up to 99% of air pollutants. These pollutants can be harmful to your health and can even cause certain diseases if they are inhaled.

Air pollution is on the rise in many parts of India, and driving in a city increases your exposure to the air pollutants. These pollutants include emissions from cars, industries, and dust particles. Car air purifiers can filter out many of these pollutants, including the tiny particles that the air conditioning system can’t catch.

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