Bike Insurance Plans

Before purchasing a policy for your motorcycle, you should know your age and riding history. Young riders who have been riding for years will likely have lower premiums than those with less experience. Your premium also depends on the type of policy you purchase. A third-party liability-only policy will be cheaper than a comprehensive policy, but will not cover as many risks as a comprehensive plan. You will need to check out the terms and conditions of each policy before deciding which one to purchase.

A standalone own-damage bike insurance policy will cover your own-damage if you cause an accident, and can be clubbed with a third-party policy to meet legal requirements. In addition, each bike insurance provider will have a network of garages, including many that accept cash. Check the strength of the network before purchasing a policy. If the network garages are weak, then opt for another plan. Otherwise, you will be left holding the bag if your bike is stolen or damaged.

Renewing your bike insurance policy is a simple process. It can be done online if you have the bike, and you can do it on the go if you prefer. You do not need to travel to the insurance office, or wait in a long queue to do so. Then, you can pay online and your bike insurance policy will be renewed. You will be sent a soft copy of your policy by email. You can make changes as necessary to your policy, as long as it does not affect your riding.

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