Know The Various Types Of Saree And How To Wear It

Your hunt for a classic and elegant saree that will see you through many events has concluded. In this article, we’ll discuss the history of sarees and the proper manner to drape each style. Today we’ll talk about four types of saris: the Gujarat Bandhani Saree, the Gharchola Saree, the Kutchi Saree, and the Patola Saree.

The Bandhani Saree  

There is a plethora of sarees from which to choose. In Gujarat, the bandhani saree stands out among the crowd. Fabric is tie-dyed in various colours and designs to create Bandhani sarees. The finished saree is bursting with colour and makes quite a statement.

To look your best in a bandhani saree, it’s important to remember a few details. Make sure you have mastered the art of saree tying before proceeding. You wouldn’t want your saree to unravel during a big speech, would you? Second, choose a shade and design that brings out the best in your appearance. Since a bandhani saree tends to be somewhat elaborate, you must select one that highlights your best features.

The last step is to remember the finishing touches. Try adding bangles and earrings to make an outfit stand out. A bandhani saree would help you to stand out from the crowd with less effort.

Gharchola Saree

One kind of traditional Gujarati saree is known as the Gharchola saree, traditionally worn in a red and white colour scheme. It is a traditional wedding dress and is often worn by married ladies. The Gharchola saree has a bandhani (tie-dye) pattern and is woven from a cotton-silk combination.

First, drape the saree’s bottom half over your left shoulder; this will reveal you’re right side and allow you to show off your figure. It would help if you next wrapped the saree’s top half over your head so that its pallu (end) rests on your right shoulder—pin or brooch the saree on your left shoulder for further stability. Finally, tuck the end of the saree into your waistband on the right side.

Kuchhi Saree

The Kutchi saree is a form of saree that originated in the state of Gujarat in India. It’s a formal gown that ladies have worn for generations. The saree is airy and embellished with delicate needlework. It’s customary to pair the saree with a blouse and dress of the same hue.

In terms of aesthetic appeal, the Kutchi saree is among the highest. It works well for celebrations like weddings, festivals, and parties. Wear a Kutchi saree if you want to make a fashion statement.

Silk Patola Saree

One of the most common kinds of saree worn in India is the Patola saree. The elaborate patterns and vivid hues of a Patola saree are legendary. Patola sarees are generally made of silk and are pretty costly. Many Patola sarees are handed down from mother to daughter.

There are a few considerations to make while shopping for a patola saree. As a first point, patola sarees are often exclusively found in India. Another issue is the high cost of a patola saree. Third, patola sarees might be challenging to locate in sizes that suit Western ladies.

Remember a few things to remember if you want to wear a patola saree:

  1. You should know that patola sarees tend to be rather bulky.
  2. Their length might be challenging for patola sarees to walk in.
  3. Ensure you pick the right size; patola sarees are known to run small.

If you follow these recommendations, you will be sure to locate the right patola saree!

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