Holle Formula Review

Holle formulas meet USDA nutritional recommendations for infants 0-6 months. Unlike some American formulas, Holle’s protein is not synthetically manufactured or derived from cows treated with antibiotics and growth hormones.

All of their stages use organic vegetable oils and contain a blend of powdered milk, whey and casein proteins, and essential vitamins and minerals. They are also free from unnecessary fillers.

Grass-Fed Proteins

Holle uses grass-fed cow milk sourced from biodynamic farms to create their baby formula. The cows are fed a diet of green grass and non-GMO feed which helps promote healthy digestion. They are never given antibiotics or hormones to help keep them happy and healthy.

Holles Stage 1 Organic Cow’s Milk Formula has small, easily digestible milk proteins that are similar to breastmilk. It also includes prebiotics that support your infant’s digestive system and a blend of vegetable oils like organic sunflower oil and organic rapeseed oil (sustainably sourced).

The formula has no added sugars or artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. It’s also free of gluten, corn syrup, soy, and GMOs making it a great choice for babies with sensitive tummies or allergies. The milk used in the formula is filtered to remove any impurities and is then pasteurized for safety. It’s also certified by Demeter, a world-leading authority in biodynamic farming. This process ensures that the nutrients are easy for your little one to absorb. Holle has 85 years of experience creating formulas that are healthy and safe to eat.


Holle doesn’t use any added sugars, GMOs, or artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors in their products. Their infant formulas are made with a special blend of nutrients that is similar to breast milk. They also contain a high level of Omega-3 fatty acids that are made from organic vegetable oils, ensuring your baby gets the best nutrition possible.

The ingredients in Holle’s standard cow’s milk-based formulas are sourced from European biodynamic and organic farms that prioritize animal welfare. These farmers follow Demeter farming practices, which are centered on promoting a healthy and sustainable environment for everyone involved in the production process. This includes the animals, the workers who tend to them, and the land itself.

Unlike many American baby formulas, Holle’s protein sources are organic and grass-fed. This means they are healthier for babies and better for our planet. When you buy Holle formula in bulk from us, you can enjoy the benefits of a superior product at an affordable price. This is a great way to ensure you have enough of the right nutrition for your growing baby.

No Gluten

Holle formula is a great choice for babies who need a milk substitute because it is free of gluten. Many children are allergic to gluten, so removing it from their diet is an important step in keeping them healthy. This formula also contains a good amount of fiber to prevent constipation.

This formula is designed for newborns and is made from biodynamic cow’s milk that comes from farms that treat their animals humanely. It is free of GMOs, added sugars, and artificial ingredients, making it perfect for infants. It is also a great source of protein and iron.

The fat content in Holle Organic Baby Formula is meticulously balanced to ensure that your child receives the nutrients they need without excess saturated fats. It is also enriched with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are important for brain development.

The organic vegetable oils in this formula are sourced from crops that have been grown via Demeter biodynamic farming, which emphasizes holistic ecosystem health. These crops are grown without herbicides or chemicals, resulting in healthier, more flavorful food. This organic baby formula is also formulated with no GMOs, added sugar, wheat, or corn syrup. It is also free of irradiation and synthetic pesticides.

No Soy

Holle formula does not contain soy, which has been proven to be harmful at a biological and chemical level. They also do not contain gluten, which can cause serious health problems for infants and is a major allergen in many babies.

All of the milk used to make Holle Stage Pre Organic Infant Formula comes from Demeter farms, which hold themselves to far more stringent standards than those of any other organic brand in America. These farms are dedicated to ethical farming practices that prioritize the well-being of cows and the surrounding environment.

As such, all of the protein in Holle baby formula comes from organic whey and casein milk proteins that come from the cows on these biodynamic farms. These proteins mirror those found in breastmilk, allowing for quick bursts of energy and optimal growth.

In addition to these protein sources, Holle baby formula contains organic whole milk fat and organic whey powder, as well as DHA from either fish oil or algae oil. This organic infant formula is free of synthetic nutrients and artificial preservatives, as well as corn syrup, sucrose, maltodextrin, and other sugar-derived ingredients.

No Nuts

Holle uses a holistic approach in their production process which helps ensure the welfare of babies, our environment, and the workers involved. This includes the use of organic and biodynamic milk from cows and goats that are raised on farms that prioritize animal welfare practices. The milk is then used to create European formulas that are free from preservatives, artificial flavors, steroids, and chemicals!

All of the protein in Holle’s organic baby formula comes from grass-fed cows that are not treated with antibiotics or growth hormones. The fats in their formula come from vegetable oils like rapeseed and palm oil, which are similar to the fats in breast milk. These fats are highly absorbable and help support your infant’s brain development.

All of Holle’s European formulas are made with lactose as the primary carbohydrate and have no added sugar, and all of their products are fortified with important vitamins and minerals including DHA and iron. They are also gluten-free, GMO-free, soy-free, and have no corn syrup! It’s important to always follow the instructions on the package for preparing formula.

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