Holle Formula Review

Holle formula is made with organic ingredients that are carefully selected and grown using biodynamic methods. These methods ensure that more is given back to the environment than is taken out.

Holle’s cow milk formula is sourced from organic and biodynamic farms that prioritize animal welfare practices. It contains whey protein and vegetable oils for a rich, creamy texture.

Grass-Fed Organic Milk

Holle’s formula is free of added sugar, artificial preservatives, and chemicals. They also use only organic, biodynamically grown ingredients and follow strict EU standards for pesticide residue levels.

The cow and goat milk used in Holle formula are carefully collected from local farmers who raise their animals using biodynamic practices. These farms are also certified organic and prioritize animal welfare.

This approach makes Holle baby formula different from US brands that rely on standard USDA organic certification. Holle also uses a holistic approach that considers the health of babies, the workers who produce their ingredients, and our environment.

All of the whey and casein proteins in Holle formula come from organic, grass-fed cows that are raised on organic, biodynamic farms. This is a major difference from many US formulas, where protein can be synthetically manufactured or sourced from cows that are routinely treated with antibiotics and hormones.

No Artificial Additives or Preservatives

Holle formulas are made with clean ingredients and skip the more controversial additives, sweeteners, colors, and preservatives found in other brands. This is important because infants have very sensitive digestive systems and the less they are exposed to these substances the better.

Holle sources their raw ingredients from biodynamic and organic farms using chemical-free agricultural practices. They also only use milk that is Demeter certified, which means it meets the highest standards for animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

This makes Holle a great option for parents that are looking for a non-GMO, clean organic baby formula. All of their formulas contain a mix of powdered organic milk, organic vegetable oils, and other essential vitamins and minerals. Some formulas use lactose as the carbohydrate source while others use maltodextrin (which is more easily digested by babies). All of their formula stages are tailored to a baby’s nutritional needs and range from infant to follow-on to toddler formula.


Holle formulas are free from GMOs as well as gluten, artificial additives and preservatives. This allows them to keep their ingredients simple and healthy, fostering optimal growth for babies. Their formulas are made from grass-fed cows raised with appropriate animal husbandry on biodynamic farms. Their cows are fed organically grown feed and allowed to graze naturally, so the milk is of exceptional quality.

In addition, the fatty acid profile in Holle formulas is perfectly balanced and is completely devoid of harmful trans fats. This provides your baby with the energy they need while minimizing their allergy risks.

For infants aged 0-6 months, Holle’s Stage 1 goat milk-based formula provides the ideal combination of nutritious ingredients. This includes biodynamic organic skim milk, organic whey powder and organic maltodextrin, as well as DHA from algae and essential vitamins and minerals. The organic vegetable oils in this formula are sourced from non-GMO sunflower seeds and palm oil.

No Trans Fatty Acids

Holle makes sure that their organic baby formula is rich in essential fats that are vital to your infant’s health. They use fats sourced from their organic milk and vegetable oils. These fats are devoid of trans fatty acids which have been shown to be detrimental to your infant’s health.

In addition, Holle uses a combination of whey and casein proteins that are derived from cows raised on biodynamic farms. This is different from American formula that may contain protein that has been synthesized or sourced from cows treated with hormones and antibiotics.

As your baby grows, their nutritional needs will change. Holle has developed stages of their formula for different infants and toddlers to provide them with the right nutrients at the appropriate age. These stages include Stage 1 for babies 0-6 months old, Stage 2 for infants 6-10 months, and Stage 3 for infants 10+ months old.

No Artificial Colours or Sweeteners

Holle Formula does not contain any synthetic additives, preservatives or sweeteners. Instead, it uses natural, organic ingredients that are easy on your infant’s tummy. It also does not contain gluten, as many infants are prone to allergies to this ingredient.

All the ingredients used in Holle Formula are grown using biodynamic methods, and the company is focused on environmental responsibility. The Demeter logo that you see on some of their products is a testament to this commitment.

When preparing Holle Baby Formula, it is important to follow the instructions on the package carefully. You will need to wash your hands and sterilize the bottle, nipple, and any utensils you’ll be using. Then, boil some water and let it cool down to room temperature. Pour the cooled water into the bottle and add the proper amount of Holle formula powder. Once you’re done, shake the bottle to ensure everything is dissolved.

No Artificial Flavours

Holle doesn’t use any artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives in their formula. Instead, they use organic vegetable oils that contain healthy fats which are vital for infants to grow and develop properly.

Their organic dairy is sourced from biodynamic farms which use natural farming methods that respect and protect the earth, animals and plants. The cows are not given any synthetic hormones and are able to roam freely and graze on pesticide-free grass.

All Holle Formulas are made with a combination of milk and maltodextrin (except their A2 formula) as their primary carbohydrate sources to mimic the natural composition of breastmilk. Their A2 milk is made from cows that naturally produce A2 milk which can be easier to digest for babies with mild lactose intolerance.

All their products have a good balance of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that are essential for your baby’s brain development and health. They also contain Omega-3 fatty acids derived from organic vegetable oils which can help build immunity, regulate the nervous system and improve cardiovascular health.

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