Top Things to Consider Before you Start a Bathroom Remodel

One of the most exciting yet challenging upgrades you can make to your home is remodeling your bathroom. There are a ton of decisions you have to make to ensure the bathroom can fulfill your family’s needs. The best way to make sure that you end up with a bathroom of your dreams is to put some extra thought during the planning process. When you know what you wish to accomplish with the bathroom remodel, you will be able to make the right decisions and get the outcome you desire. Some of the top things to consider before starting your bathroom remodel are highlighted below.

Decide on the bathroom you want to remodel

The upgrades you want to make to a bathroom will depend on which one you are remodeling. For instance, the upgrades will be different in the case of a kids’ bathroom and a master bath. Likewise, you will remodel a guest bathroom that is occasionally used differently than one used regularly.

Take the usage of the bathroom into account

Some people use the bathroom only for showering and getting ready quickly. Others spend more time, soaking in the tub, doing their skincare and so on. The design of your bathroom will depend significantly on how you use it. Therefore, it is essential to take this important factor into consideration.

Focus on the layout

You have to opt for a strategic layout if you want to maximize your bathroom space. Even if you have limited space, there are lots of designs that can make your bathroom more function and feel a lot bigger than it actually is. Do think of the future during this process. For instance, if you plan on selling your house, make sure you choose a layout that can increase the property’s value.

Consider the areas of the bathroom that are often overlooked

Believe it or not, lots of areas are often overlooked during a bathroom remodel and this will leave you feeling regretful in the future. Lighting, flooring, storage and ventilation are some important areas to consider. You do not want a dark and dreary bathroom and you want heated floors to keep your feet warm. Adding storage options can help you design a functional bathroom and proper ventilation eliminates any moisture issues.

Decide between DIY and contractor

Once you have planned your bathroom remodel, it can be very tempting to go down the do-it-yourself (DIY) route. It is true that DIY may seem cheaper upfront, but you have to remember that it can lead to issues down the road. If you forget something, or do it incorrectly, you will end up with hefty losses. Furthermore, doing it yourself can be time consuming, not to mention stressful.

Opting for a contractor means your bathroom remodel will be done by a professional. You can discuss your budget and requirements with the contractor and they will get the job done. You can shop around and find a suitable contractor that can fulfill your needs and give you the bathroom you have dreamt of.



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