Five Jobs That Only Require A Heavy Rigid Training Licence

With the current job market and insecurity of tenure, Heavy Rigid Licence is an attractive career move.However, five easy jobs are available for just this qualification.

I learned that the course called HR licence is not just to teach how to operate heavy vehicles, but also to keep the vehicle safe. It helps drivers improve their worth as employees and as individuals.


Before enrolling in heavy vehicle training students you will need to hold a driver’s license, meet the medical requirements, pass the ‘Roads and Maritime Services rigid knowledge test’ and presenting their license.

Aimed at enthusiasts of the transport industry, the course will basically make them good heavy trucks operators, which strikes as a fundamental skill set to tangibly contribute to the sustenance and uninterrupted flow of Australia’s logistics networks. Besides being able to join the workforce as critical occupations such as freighters, fire-fighters, delivery personnel, and coach bus drivers.

The Heavy Rigid Licence allows them to drive class MR and HC vehicles, which include rigid vehicles with three or more axles and vehicles towing trailers with gross combination mass (GCM) of up to 9 tonnes (8.9 long tons; 9.9 short tons), and to acquire a Multi Combination Licence to drive B-Double or Road Train vehicles.


driving heavy rigid licence is mandatory for whoever wanting to execute heavy vehicle. it means you have the licence to drive heavy trucks and vehicles weigh more than 8 tonnes. the heavy rigid licence belongs to the middle class bitween light rigid(lr) licence and heavy combination(hc) licence. the reason why i had joined is because of the vast oppurtimeies i had to find my career as a trucking driver.

Keeping systematic and efficient control of all relevant vehicle functions is one of the things you must do to meet the unit of competency, according to Aptus Morse. ‘Attend’ to means ‘be aware of and understand’. ‘Monitor’ means ‘keep informed about … by keeping in touch with developments’. ‘Comprehend’ means ‘understand clearly and thoroughly’. You have to ‘monitor traffic and road conditions’, ‘manage vehicle condition and performance’, and ‘effectively manage hazardous situations’.

Course qualification and issuing RTO number RIKLAN Emergency Management Services RTO 51994. Practical and theory combined. On completion of the required practical and theory assessments, you will be deemed competent or not. Once you are, you will be presented with a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment. Info – When selecting a training provider: Accreditation, Instructors, Course Content and Schedule, Cost and Affordability. Equipment and Facilities.


The main duty for a heavy rigid truck driver in Australia is to work on many logistics of the country such as waste disposal, transportation of goods. For starting or working as a heavy rigid truck driver, you will find it necessary to undertake a training course. But, not every course provider is the best. You need to check the reputation and credits of the course provider, the price of the training and sometimes, search for a course provider nearby from you.

The Heavy Rigid Licence Course offers you more trucks and buses you can drive upon completion. You can operate a variety of license class 2 vehicles, including rigid trucks and buses with more than two axles, prime movers, relocatable buildings, and vehicles with crash gearboxes. Also, you will be able to tow a trailer that is not more than nine tonnes with this licence.


Addi­tion­ally, be­yond the time they spend on a rigid training licence, ou­t­­side experience (which drivers can now gain in the mon­it­or­ed trail­er), can open up wel­tered, more spec­ial­ised jobs for the drivers, and with the long hours they have to do, the­y have a bigger earning poten­tial. They also gain a certain level of job security and be­come a more valuable res­ource to the transport companies.

While selecting a course provider, pay attention to the amount of work experience, experience of centre, whether the equipment and facility for off-road driving are up-to-date or not. Apart from that, make sure the trainer to be engaged in the course, have the correct skill, temperament and experience to train students.

Person licenced to drive a rigid heavy vehicle to competently, safely and effectively transport goods or other essential cargo from one place to another, in an appropriate manner. Unit of competency TLILIC2016B Licence to drive a heavy vehicle – one must be able to ‘Drive a heavy rigid vehicle safely and efficiently according to workplace requirements and legal obligations.’ Includes ‘Establish and maintain system-wide, safe and efficient control of vehicle functions.’

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